Superhailer® is a state-of-the-art audio communications tool and audio hailing device; the technical specifications for Superhailer are shown below.

Technical Specifications

  • Max. output: 137dB(A) at 1m / 3.3ft *
  • Max. operational output: 134dB LAeq at 1m / 3.3ft*
  • Automatic safety limited max. output: 112dB LAeq**
  • Beam divergence +/- 7.5 degrees (-3dB)***
  • User sound level < 96dB(A) in free field conditions (at max. output)
  • Mass < 22lbs / 10kg
  • Battery: Lithium Ion (x2 supplied per unit)
    • Certified Air Transport Safe
  • Battery life: >90 minutes maximum output
  • Typical battery life in field: 6-8 hours regular use
  • Incorporates hibernate function for power saving
  • Battery full charge time 5 hours
  • Can run from a 12V car-lighter socket
  • Laser range finder: Class 1 eye-safe
  • Video recording: MPEG4
  • Data logs: comma separated value files (.csv)
  • Data logging (Video & Logs): OTS USB pen drive
  • Secure USB drive compatibility
  • Camera – low light capability to 0.01 Lux
  • Environmental resistance: IP55
  • CE Marked
  • On-board message storage up to 1000 messages
  • SmartMic™ option – real time comms
  • Stealth mode functionality for covert ops
  • Easy to aim with in-line camera & LCD screen
    • Accurate and selective
  • Data recorded with each acoustic emission
    • Video footage
    • Including 20-30s before and 60s after broadcast
    • Visual indicator of playback message
    • GPS location
    • Time & Date (Local plus GMT)
    • Distance to target
    • Calculated max. average sound level at target (dB LAeq)
    • Duration of sound exposure (s)
    • Message ID
    • Device serial number
  • Effective communication range 800ft + / 250m+
  • Effective range in loud conditions (90dB LAeq) 400ft / 120m
  • Ergonomic left-hand/right-hand design
  • Available in any colour
  • Patents granted in USA, EU, UK, Japan, Singapore, China, Australia, Israel, South Korea and pending in the rest of the world.

* Measured at 1 metre in free field conditions using a Class 1 Sound Level Meter calibrated and traceable to National Standards
**User choice – this level agreed with UK Police
***At 4kHz measured in an anechoic chamber

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Accurate, safe, loud & clear

Superhailer® is a game-changing, high-powered acoustic communications tool for the emergency services.

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