French Navy Special Operation Forces (SOF) take delivery of our powerful new loudhailer for maritime and military crisis situations

Able to broadcast crystal clear live spoken word, pre-recorded messages and alerting sounds over  distances of half a kilometer or more, Superhailer Marine-Military has been developed in cooperation with the French Navy SOF, who are also the the first customer for this new product, for managing interdiction and search-and-rescue operations.

Superhailer Marine-Military is believed to be the most powerful wearable loudhailer in the world, with much easier aiming/directional targeting than loudspeakers mounted on ships or tripod based systems. Superhailer Marine-Military’s ability to be worn means it can be used by SOF, Navy, Marines and Coastguard on small vessels, especially high speed RIBS.

These units have been designed to help save lives. Special Operation Forces on drug enforcement duties take extreme risks when approaching vessels – where those on board may be heavily armed. Thanks to up to 1,000 pre-recorded messages, the ability to communicate clear commands in multiple languages to targets at a safe distance can significantly reduce misinterpretation that can lead to conflict. Similarly, with stricken vessels or migrant refugee boats, the ability to approach without causing confusion or ambiguity will afford greater confidence and reduce anxiety or misinterpretation, potentially saving lives. It can also help on land, in peacekeeping, disaster management and hostage situations.

With thanks to our Channel Partners in France, Scopex, for making this possible.

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