Accurate, safe, loud & clear

Superhailer® is a game-changing, high-powered acoustic communications tool for the Police.


Officer Safety Comes First

Superhailer allows Police to engage at a safe distance.

Whether operating at 100ft, 200ft or 400ft+ Officers can take command of a situation at range.

Superhailer enables Police to effectively de-escalate and calm a situation whilst keeping their distance. That distance enhances both Officer Safety and Community Relations.

Unique in its class, Superhailer is OSHA compliant by design and built to deflect lawsuits.

It achieves this by having an on-board automatic safety system. It also records video, location and sound data evidence automatically. That way you can be sure you are always operating safely and you can prove it afterwards.

Superhailer is a long range acoustic communications device. It is high-powered, wearable and generates targeted, crystal-clear audio messages audible beyond 800ft/250m.


Amazing sound quality

Crystal clear messages out to 800ft/250m

Narrow sound beam

Targeted and selective, the volume is low for anyone outside the beam

Automatic safety system

Range to the target measured and the volume adjusted automatically

Automatic evidence recording

Video footage and full telemetry is recorded to an onboard USB stick

Full health & safety compliance

Designed to be compliant with benchmark safety standards incl. OSHA

Easy to use

Designed to be intuitive, no user judgement, just point and press


Comfortably wearable for long periods, it is tactically versatile

Community friendly

Demonstrates your commitment to using persuasion over force


Superhailer® has numerous applications because the ability to communicate with people effectively at range is always helpful, for example:

Orange bullet
De-escalating demonstrations
Orange bullet
Hostage/siege situations
Orange bullet
Search & rescue
Orange bullet
Managing sporting events
Orange bullet
Calming civil disorder
Orange bullet
High risk vehicle stops
Orange bullet
Defusing conflict
Orange bullet
Mental health interventions
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Orange bullet
Border protection
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Managing parades & gatherings
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Locating vulnerable individuals

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