What is Superhailer?

Superhailer is a safe, high-power, portable acoustic hailing device. It is designed to help the Emergency Services, Navy & Military de-escalate and better manage dynamic situations, at range, through clear acoustic communications. It allows them to deal with challenging scenarios through “persuasion, advice and warning” all at a safe distance and without needing to resort to the use of force.

Superhailer is an assertive and effective communication tool.

Superhailer is not a weapon, it is not a less-lethal weapon and it is not a pain compliance device

The acoustic hailing device allows the projection of extremely clear audio messages out to a very significant distance. It is:

  • Intended for managing & de-escalating situations safely
  • A modern alternative to using force or aggression
  • All at range for maximum safety, up to 1600ft+/500m+
  • 100% safe in use, complies with health & safety legislation
  • Equipped with comprehensive integrated evidence recording
  • Easy to use, all functions are automatic (no user judgement)
  • Very media friendly and highly defensible in court
  • Equipped with the class-leading SmartMicTM


Configured as a wearable loudspeaker

The device is designed to be worn comfortably on a shoulder strap by the User and to be highly intuitive to use. It is configured as a “sound gun” with a handle and a trigger and so is very easy to understand. The controls are minimal, ergonomic and easy to understand. It is designed to be used by one Operator and is fully person-portable.

There is a sunlight-readable LCD which displays the live feed from a coaxial camera along with overlaid user information.

The LCD displays cross-hairs for easy targeting by the user. There is a time and date stamp along with a battery life indicator.

All the User has to do is to decide what to say, aim and broadcast. No further User judgement is required. The training burden is minimal.

Effect of Superhailer®

A long-range wearable communications tool

  • Can accurately project verbal messages out beyond 1600ft / 500m
    • Messages are pre-recorded (storage for 100s)
    • Crystal clear
    • Any language and any message you like
    • Legally perfect and traceable
  • Has an intense attention-grabbing tone
    • At range it attracts attention
    • Close-in it becomes more intense and really gets your attention
  • Highly directional
    • 100% safe for user, bystanders and target
    • No need for ear defenders
  • Has SmartMic™
    • Real time comms from an onboard microphone
    • Same amazing clarity, safety and traceability

Superhailer allows the User to instantly change the dynamic of a situation and convey clear instructions.

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Accurate, safe, loud & clear

Superhailer® is a game-changing, high-powered acoustic communications tool for the emergency services.

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